Question: Can I walk my child into school on the first day?

Answer: Of course, please bring a mask when entering the building. We are required to wear masks when indoors at any of our schools. 

Question: Can I pick-up my child from school? 

Answer: Of course, we would like to keep our hallways clear (regardless of COVID or not). So, if you come early to pick-up your child please wait outside until one minute prior to the school bell ringing at 2:45. Noise in the hallways disrupts learning in the classrooms and small groups in the hallways.

Question: Where does my child go prior to the bell ringing?

Answer #1: If your child is in kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade please drop them off at the primary end near the playground. Kindergarten, 2nd, and 3rd grade will meet their teachers under the covered playground area. 1st grade will meet their teachers under the covered area by the primary entrance. 

Answer #2: If your child is in 4th or 5th grade please drop them off at the intermediate end near the covered area. 4th and 5th graders will meet their teachers under the covered area. 

Answer #3: All students will be able to enter the building at 8:00am when the bell rings. If they are not entering with their class at 8:00am they will be considered tardy. 

Stedman Bulletin for August 30th


~Important Dates~


30th           NO SCHOOL

31st            1st - 5th Grade FIRST DAY


1st                Kindergarten FIRST DAY

                       Intro to My Child conferences 3-7

2nd              Intro to My Child conferences 3-7

3rd               NO SCHOOL

6th                NO SCHOOL (Labor Day)

7th                Preschool FIRST DAY

~2021-2022 School Year~

Preschool Schedule

Start September 7th

Tuesday-Friday 8:00-12:00

Kindergarten Schedule

Start September 1st

Monday-Friday 8:00-11:15

Starting September 20th

Monday-Thursday 8:00-1:15

Friday 8:00-12:00

1st - 5th Grade Schedule

Monday - Thursday 8:00-2:45

Friday 8:00-12:00

After School Clubs

Afterschool Recess - Sign-up At Conferences 

Starts: September 7th

Days and Times: 

M-Th 3:00-3:30 (Ms. Rocky & Ms. Audra)

Friday 12:00-1:00 (Ms. Rocky, Ms. Audra, Mr. Brock, & Ms. Marifern)

Homework Busters - Ms. Marketa (All Grades) MONDAY-THURSDAY 3:00-3:45

Starts: Monday, September 13th

Students Council - Mr. K/Mrs. Wilkes (Grades: 3-5) THURSDAY 3:00-3:45

Starts: Thursday, September 16th

4 Square Club - Mrs. Wilkes/Mr. K (Grades: 3-5) TUESDAY 3:00-3:45

Starts: Tuesday, September 14th

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~Swim Schedule~

Swim: Students need to bring a swimsuit and towel

Week of August 31st

8:45-9:30 Mrs. Midkiff

9:30-10:15 Mr. Eddy

10:15-11:00 Mr. K

11:45-12:30 Mrs. Eddy and Mrs. Allison

12:30-1:15 Mrs. Mullen

1:15-2:00 Mrs. Brock

~PE Schedule~

PE: Students will need athletic type shoes, no slip-ons or sandals.

Week of August 31st

8:45-9:30 Mrs. Martin

9:30-10:15 Mrs. VW and Mrs. Wilkes

10:15-11:00 Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Wilkes

11:45-12:30 Ms. Curtiss

12:30-1:15 Mrs. Willis

1:15-2:00 Mr. Bryner



~Current/Upcoming News~

“Nature and You” Rainforest Festival

Annabelle Baker Memorial Art Show: Sept. 9 -13 @ Clausen Memorial Museum 10am-5pm 

Artist Reception & Virtual Ephemeral Viewing: Friday, Sept.10 from 5pm-7pm


Best-Burger-in-a-Bun Fundraiser for Mitkof Dance Troupe! Come on down to the Salty Pantry on Sunday, August 29th from 5:30-7:30 for a yummy meal! $15 gets you a cheeseburger, chips, drink and homemade cookie - GF option, milkshakes and extra burgers available.


~News From the Lunchroom~


The Petersburg School Board has approved our school as a “Universal Breakfast” school. This means we will be serving most students breakfast in their classrooms. Kindergarten students will be served breakfast in the cafeteria for routine and structure. Students in 2nd and 3rd grade will be served breakfast in the cafeteria due to morning interventions in those grade levels. Some breakfast options they may see are cinnamon roll, cereal, bagel bites, string cheese, sausage, english muffin, yogurt with granola, and Pop Tarts.


All students will be eating lunch in the cafeteria. 


Recess/Lunch Schedule

Kindergarten      11:15-11:35    Recess              11:35-11:55   Lunch

1st Grade              10:50-11:10  Recess              11:10-11:30   Lunch

2nd  Grade          11:05-11:25   Recess              11:25-11:45   Lunch

3rd Grade            11:40-12:00 Recess              12:00-12:20 Lunch

4th Grade            11:30-11:50   Recess              11:50-12:10 Lunch

5th Grade            12:20-12:40 Recess              12:40-1:00   Lunch


Lunch Menu: https://www.pcsd.us/dining

Monday 8/30 No School 

Tuesday 8/31 Enchilada

Wednesday 9/1 Chicken Noodle Soup

Thursday 9/2 Biscuits and Gravy

Friday 9/3 No School 

~News From the Counselor~

Newsletter from our Counselor. Mrs. Etcher works with all grades on social emotional skills, and she would like to share a monthly newsletter with families. The idea is to keep everyone updated on lessons she is teaching each month. Website: https://sites.google.com/pcsd....

~Safety Information~

Important safety information: When dropping students off at the playground end, please note that there is a designated drop-off area marked by the side of the playground fence and green cones. Vehicles enter the area following the arrows and drop off students between the cones and the fence. Students go directly to the playground area, and vehicles immediately drive through and exit, alleviating congestion and keeping the area safe. If you wish to escort your child or wait and watch your child enter the school, you will need to find a parking spot. Thank you for helping us keep all students safe.


Travelled in the last few days?  The school is strongly recommending PCR testing prior to arrival at school.  Several of the recent Petersburg cases have been travel-related.  The school is already being impacted.  Help keep kids in their classrooms by testing before coming to school.  Free travel testing is available at the PMC ER entrance from noon-4 pm Monday-Saturday or call the Covid Info Line at 772-5788. 


Please see the attached documents outlining protocols for masking, testing, travel, and close contacts/positive cases, as well as the symptom-free school protocol.  These protocols are subject to change as new guidance is released or transmission rates change.  PSD will notify the public of any updates or changes via pcsd.us website, email, and social media.  


~Happy Birthday to Who?~

We would like to wish the following students a Happy Birthday!  Birthdays are recognized during morning announcements, and each student also receives a special certificate and a Scholastic Book from the birthday shelf.


8/31 Rosie L. 


9/1 Quincy R. 

9/2 Aalthea F. 

9/9 Neil L. 

9/9 Serenity V.

9/10 Kayden T.

9/12 Freya F.  

9/12 Victoria O.

9/15 Aldric J. 

9/16 Cruz S. 

9/18 Cora H. 

9/19 Elijah P. 

9/20 Leonah S. 

9/20 Riley S. 

9/23 Future T. 

9/24 Julia C-L

9/27 Audrey B. 

9/29 Olivia O. 

See You Soon,

Mrs. Conn