Testing Pilot Program Update

IMPORTANT: “Test to stay” Pilot Program and Travel Testing update.

Following a recent firmware update from the CUE manufacturer before Thanksgiving, performance irregularities have been noted. Until the manufacturer resolves the issues, CUE molecular testing will be suspended in the School District. Due to this change, PSD will be piloting the "test to stay" antigen protocol we have been discussing for school identified close contacts, modeled after the Juneau School District's recently adopted process, as well as modifying the return from travel testing policy.  These protocols will be in effect after returning from Thanksgiving vacation and will be reviewed during the December school board meeting. Check out the details below! 

Petersburg School District UPDATED “TEST TO STAY” PROTOCOLS for school-identified close contacts and post-travel testing.

The Petersburg School District is piloting a “test to stay” protocol for school identified close contacts.  NEW! Students who are not fully vaccinated and are deemed a close contact due to an exposure at school will be given the option to continue attending school during the quarantine period with a regular antigen testing process.  Although vaccinated students are not required to quarantine, per Public Health, they will also be asked to participate in the “test to stay” protocol during this pilot program. The “test to stay” option does not apply to home/out of school identified close contacts.  

Home/out of school close contacts must follow the current public health guidelines for a 7-day minimum quarantine/return on Day 8 with a negative PCR test, or a 10-day minimum quarantine without a test.  

Below are details for school identified close contact “test to stay” protocols: 

  1. Parents now have three options:  

    1. Opt in to the “test to stay” protocol with daily antigen testing for 7 days at school, and a negative PCR test on day 6 or 7 (scheduled by the parent through PMC free testing, with results submitted to the school office regardless of results).  Students will be allowed to stay in school through this process with required masking and strict symptom monitoring.  

    2. Quarantine at home and get a PCR test on day 6 or 7 to return after receiving a negative result (negative result submitted to the school office before returning to in person learning); or 

    3. Not test and quarantine at home for the full 10 days. 

  2. Antigen tests will be conducted before school at your child’s school office, and must be scheduled in advance.

  3. If the close contact develops symptoms at any time, they stop the "test to stay" protocol, schedule a PCR test, and begin at home quarantine protocols.

  4. Public Health requires close contacts to quarantine from community activities throughout the quarantine period, including extracurricular activities.  The antigen “test to stay” protocol only allows for school attendance. Participation in extracurricular activities may begin on day 8 with proof of a negative PCR test.

  5. If there are other known close contacts that are discovered in the contact tracing that are not in the class, but attend school, the “test to stay” protocol will also be an option for those families.

  6. If one of the close contacts becomes positive, the re-exposure will start a new 7-day protocol.  As needed, individual situations will be evaluated and a determination if the “test to stay” protocol can continue or if a full quarantine needs to occur.

Effective immediately due to the suspension of CUE testing, the travel policy will be adjusted as follows. The travel policy still applies to all intra or out of state travel on Alaska Airlines or AMHS for staff and students, regardless of vaccination status: 

  • OPTION #1: Return to school with required masking and strict symptom monitoring using the “test to stay” protocol with daily antigen testing for 7 days at school, and a negative PCR test on day 6 or 7 (scheduled by the parent through PMC, with results submitted to the school office regardless of results).

  • OPTION #2: 10-day at home quarantine; strict symptom monitoring; no PCR test. 

**Keep in mind that the turnaround time for PCR tests through PMC is 2-4 days.