Stedman Bulletin for November 29th


~Important Dates~


6th Kindergarten Report Cards Go Home

7th & 8th Kindergarten Conferences

9th Migrant/Title I Virtual Literacy Night

Virtual Facebook Live Reading @7:00pm

Sign-up REQUIRED for Kits and Books in Advance

~2021-2022 School Year~

Preschool Schedule

Tuesday-Friday 8:00-12:00

Kindergarten Schedule

Monday-Thursday 8:00-1:15

Friday 8:00-12:00

1st - 5th Grade Schedule

Monday - Thursday 8:00-2:45

Friday 8:00-12:00

~After School Clubs~

After School Recess

M-Th 3:00-3:45 (Ms. Rocky & Ms. Audra)

Friday 12:00-1:00 (Ms. Rocky, Ms. Audra, Mr. Brock & Ms. Marifern)

Homework Busters - Ms. Marketa (All Grades) M-Th 3:00-3:45

Students Council - Mr. K/Mrs. Wilkes (Grades: 3-5) THURSDAY 3:00-3:45

4 Square Club - Mrs. Wilkes/Mr. K (Grades: 3-5) TUESDAY 3:00-3:45

No sign-up required, just show up at the intermediate covered 

area after eating snack in the cafeteria

Lego Club - Mrs. Miller (Grades: 3-5) 

WEDNESDAY 3:00-3:45

Parents must sign their student up, please let the office know

Please like Petersburg School District on Facebook

~Swim Schedule~

Swim: Students need to bring a swimsuit and towel

Week of November 29th 

8:45-9:30 Mrs. Martin

9:30-10:15 Mrs. VW and Mrs. Wilkes

10:15-11:00 Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Wilkes

11:45-12:30 Ms. Curtiss + 6 from Mrs. Allison (See Mrs. Allison’s Newsletter)

12:30-1:15 Mrs. Willis

1:15-2:00 Mr. Bryner


~PE Schedule~

PE: Students will need athletic type shoes, no slip-ons or sandals.

Hearing and Vision Screenings During PE

The Petersburg Medical Center and Petersburg School District are working together to provide screening for all K-5 students at Stedman elementary. The dates for this screening at this time are December 8th and 15th, again during PE class. 

Week of November 29th

8:45-9:30 Mrs. Midkiff

9:30-10:15 Mr. Eddy

10:15-11:00 Mr. K

11:45-12:30 Mrs. Eddy + 6 Mrs. Allison (See Mrs. Allison’s Newsletter)

12:30-1:15 Mrs. Mullen

1:15-2:00 Mrs. Brock



~Continuing News~


PSD can provide weekly at-home Covid-19 testing materials for interested families.  If you are interested in signing up for this opportunity, please contact the office.


Playtime for PODS! At the Petersburg Public Library

Book a private time and invite your pod for singing, dancing, a story, and free time to play with friends. Registration required at For toddlers, preschoolers, and their caregivers.


~News From the Lunchroom~


The Petersburg School Board has approved our school as a “Universal Breakfast” school. This means we will be serving most students breakfast in their classrooms. Kindergarten students will be served breakfast in the cafeteria for routine and structure. Students in 2nd and 3rd grade will be served breakfast in the cafeteria due to morning interventions in those grade levels. Some breakfast options they may see are cinnamon roll, cereal, bagel bites, string cheese, sausage, english muffin, yogurt with granola, and Pop Tarts.


All students will be eating lunch in the cafeteria Mon-Thur. On Fridays, K-2nd eat in the cafeteria, 3rd will eat in their classroom, 4th and 5th will be provided a lunch at noon to either eat in the cafeteria or take with them on the bus, to swim team, etc. 


Recess/Lunch Schedule

Kindergarten      11:15-11:35    Recess              11:35-11:55   Lunch

1st Grade              10:50-11:10  Recess             11:10-11:30   Lunch

2nd  Grade            11:05-11:25   Recess        11:25-11:45   Lunch

3rd Grade             11:40-12:00 Recess 12:00-12:20 Lunch

4th Grade               11:30-11:50   Recess 11:50-12:10 Lunch

5th Grade               12:20-12:40 Recess 12:40-1:00   Lunch


Want to come have lunch with your child? Please email & or call and leave us a message for whichever day you’d like to come and join. 

Lunch Menu:

Monday 11/29 Turkey Sandwich

Tuesday 11/30 Enchiladas

Wednesday 12/1 Chicken Noodle Soup

Thursday 12/2 Biscuits and Gravy

Friday 12/3 Cheeseburger

~News From the Counselor~

Newsletter from our Counselor. Mrs. Etcher works with all grades on social emotional skills, and she would like to share a monthly newsletter with families. The idea is to keep everyone updated on lessons she is teaching each month. Website:

~Safety Information~

Important safety information: When dropping students off at the playground end, please note that there is a designated drop-off area marked by the side of the playground fence and green cones. Vehicles enter the area following the arrows and drop off students between the cones and the fence. Students go directly to the playground area, and vehicles immediately drive through and exit, alleviating congestion and keeping the area safe. If you wish to escort your child or wait and watch your child enter the school, you will need to find a parking spot. Thank you for helping us keep all students safe.

Travel Policy: Personal/Independent Travel (not extracurricular activity related) regardless of vaccination status:

All Independent Travel via Alaska Airlines or AMHS:

Prior to returning to school, the traveling student is required to get a PCR test from PMC travel testing site OR arrange a CUE Molecular test through their school office and receive a negative test result, which they present to their school. Individuals may return to work/school after their 1st negative test, but must wear a mask and strictly monitor for symptoms for 7 days. A second negative PCR/CUE test is then required on day 7 or later after arrival.

Optionally, students only may choose to quarantine at home for 10 days after travel in place of PCR/CUE testing.


Free PMC PCR travel testing is available at the ER entrance Mon-Sat 12-4pm, Or by calling the Covid Info Line at 907-772-5788.

Free CUE testing can be arranged through your school’s front office.


~Happy Birthday to Who?~

We would like to wish the following students a Happy Birthday!  Birthdays are recognized during morning announcements, and each student also receives a special certificate and a Scholastic Book from the birthday shelf.


11/28 Evin O. 

11/30 Lily H. 


12/2 Brody B. 

12/4 Ms. Cena

12/5 Devyn F. 

12/6 Brandt B. 

12/6 Lauren H.

12/9 Ms. Smith

12/11 Ashlyn Q.

12/13 Blayre P. 

12/14 Ali’itoa T. 

12/14 Dirk S. 

12/14 Riley G. 

12/14 Mrs. Willis

12/17 Lucia W. 

12/17 Bristol M.  

12/18 Nikkole E. 

12/19 Lora L. 

12/19 Gage L. 

12/20 Denali L. 

12/21 Ben C. 

12/22 Ms. Rocky

12/22 Kaelynn M. 

12/22 Aidrick G. 

12/23 Elyse M. 

12/23 Isabelle H.   

12/24 Ruger F. 

12/26 Namir D. 

12/27 Lily S. 

See You Soon,

Mrs. Conn

~PSD Mitigation Plan~

Please see the following updated mitigation protocols voted on during the Sept. 14, 2021 school board meeting.  Administrators and staff are working out the specific operational details for implementing the board's decision.  At this point, implementation is a little simpler in the elementary school because they are primarily in singular classroom situations.  Recognizing that secondary students and teachers have 5 to 7 different classes each day resulting in variables in classroom spacing, seating charts, curriculum, etc, they will use the remainder of the week to plan and will implement the updated masking policy on Monday morning.

Yellow: community cases are low, low to no positive cases in the school (staff or student), contact tracing happening easily

  • Indoor masking on the move or in common areas and classrooms for pre K-12, regardless of vaccination status.  Masks may be removed where students can be spread out 3 feet or more.

  • All visitors must remain masked while indoors on school grounds.

  • Classrooms will be individually moved to Red status if a substitute teacher or guest speaker is in the classroom.

  • Teachers and staff are universally masked.

  • In person school open, secondary extracurricular activities in session as allowed per mitigation plans (including bi-weekly antigen testing)

  • Travel policy in place addressing intra or out of state travel on Alaska Airlines or AMHS: 

    • OPTION #1: Return to school with required masking with a negative PCR or CUE molecular test result. Strict symptom monitoring. On Day 7 provide a negative PCR or CUE test (option #1 required for staff/optional for students)

    • OPTION #2: 10-day quarantine, strict symptom monitoring, no PCR test (option for students)

  • The Superintendent is authorized to tighten or loosen the rules in Yellow status or move individual schools/District to Red status without prior authorization from the Board. The Superintendent will continue to consult with the Healthy Advisory Committee.

Red: community cases rising, several positive cases within the school (staff or student), contact tracing difficult

  • Universal required masking indoors preK-12, regardless of vaccination status

  • In person school open; secondary extracurricular activities in session as allowed per mitigation plans (including bi-weekly antigen testing)

  • Travel policy in place addressing intra or out of state travel on Alaska Airlines or AMHS: 

    • OPTION #1: Return to school with required masking with a negative PCR or CUE molecular test result. Strict symptom monitoring.  On Day 7 provide a negative PCR or CUE test (option #1 required for staff/option for students)

    • OPTION #2: 10-day quarantine, strict symptom monitoring, no PCR test (option for students)


Universal Measures:

  • PSD does not offer a full virtual learning option this year, except when in remote learning/school closures or special circumstances, as approved by the school

  • Strict symptom free policy implemented for all staff, students, and visitors; masks required for visitors

  • Continued emphasis on use of hand washing, sanitizer, desk/surface cleaning between classes, ventilation strategies 

  • Regular antigen testing available and encouraged for all students and staff (permission required for optional student antigen testing during school; bi-weekly antigen testing required for participation in  secondary school-sponsored extracurricular activities)

  • At home symptom/temperature screening for staff and students, but no screening/temperature checks at the door 

  • Emphasize 3-6’ distance between students in classrooms

  • Close contact quarantine, per Public Health directive, for unvaccinated students and staff:

  • 7-day quarantine + Negative PCR test on day 6 or later +No Symptoms-Return on Day 8  


  • 10-day quarantine + No Symptoms-Return on Day 11 

  • Close contact quarantine is not required for vaccinated staff and students at this time, or for anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 90 days, per Public Health directive.

  • Students who are within 3-6’ of each other wearing masks consistently are no longer subject to close contact quarantine, regardless of vaccination status.