Literacy Event "Fry Bread"

Stedman would like to present to you a Migrant Education and Title One Sponsored Literacy Event!! 

Thursday, April 28th @3:45pm Stedman Cafeteria Sign-Up Required

Please complete this short form to let us know that your family would like to participate in this event. This is an in-person event. However, by signing up does not mean you need to attend in person. If something comes up we will make sure you get your fry bread book and kit to do it at home on your own time. Each family will receive a Bread Proofing Kit with a "Fry Bread" book. Space is limited to 30 families! If you can not attend in person photo's of your family creating and participating are always welcomed and encouraged to be shared!!

Literacy Night Sign-up

Thank you, Heather Conn