Stedman Bulletin for May 23rd


~Important Dates~


TBD 2nd Grade Muskeg Walk

26th 5th Grade Graduation 6:30pm


27th 4th/5th Grade End of Year Picnic (Sandy Beach) 8:30-11:45

TBD 1st Grade End of the Year Picnic (Sandy Beach) 11:00-2:00

1st Choice 5/26 2nd Choice 5/31

TBD 3rd Grade End of Year Picnic (Weather Dependent)

31st 4th Grade Survival Day at Greens Camp 8:15-2:40


1st Mrs. VW’s 4th Grade Tonka Trip 8:15-2:40

1st 2nd Grade End of Year Picnic (Sandy Beach) 10:30-1:30

2nd Last day of school EARLY RELEASE AT NOON

13th Summer Breakfast and Lunch Starts


4th No Summer Breakfast and Lunch

TBD Summer School Starts and Ends


12th Summer Breakfast and Lunch Ends


~After School Clubs~

~All Clubs End the Week of May 23rd~

After School Recess

M-Th 3:00-3:45 (Ms. Rocky & Ms. Audra)

Friday 12:00-1:00 (Ms. Rocky, Mr. Brock & Ms. Marifern) 

Homework Busters - Ms. Marketa (All Grades) M-Th 3:00-3:45

Chess Club - Stacey Eilenberger as a volunteer 

(Grades: 2-5) MONDAY Room 6  3:00-3:45

Students Council - Mr. K/Mrs. Wilkes (Grades: 3-5) THURSDAY 3:00-3:45

Garden Club - Ms. Christine (Grades: K-3) FRIDAY 1:00-2:00 Sign-up 

with Cena is required by a guardian

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~Field Day Schedule~


Kindergarten May 23rd 9:30-11:00

1st Grade May 23rd 12:00-1:30

2nd Grade May 24th 12:00-1:30

3rd Grade May 24th 9:30-11:00

4th/5th Grade May 25th 9:30-11:00



***SUMMER ANNOUNCEMENT***PODs Enrollment OPEN-links posted below

Kinder Skog and Petersburg Medical Center are excited to announce our 2022 collaborative youth program, ORCA PODs (PlayOutsideDays). Every Friday afternoon during the summer youth ages 8-12 enrolled in the program will participate in recreational activities with Kinder Skog mentors and PMC wellness staff.  Kids will have the opportunity to hike, bike, practice archery, participate in Native Youth Olympics, learn backyard style games, and learn some fierce ultimate frisbee with the frisbee champ, Julie Walker 😉

Enrollment for ORCA PODs is officially open.  This program is for youth ages 8-12 years old, and we will limit enrollment to 26 kids. 

Now for even more exciting news, thanks to the Petersburg Community Foundation's generous funding this program will be COMPLETELY FREE for all enrolled kids!

Here's to a summer filled with healthy activities, healthy snacks, and good friends with ORCA PODs!

Kinder Skog also has four additional ORCA Camps planned for the summer, stay tuned for more information on those coming next week.


~Continuing News~


Volunteer Opportunity: The Girls on the Run team has an opportunity for parents and community members to participate in our program this summer.  A Camp GOTR Coach is a volunteer position that works with a team of co-coaches to facilitate the Camp GOTR curriculum in a 1 week period, during half days. The camp will take place from August 8 -12 from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. If you have questions or are interested in becoming a Junior Coach, please contact for more information, registration, and training details. Coaching with Camp GOTR is a rewarding way to get involved with Girls on the Run. As a coach, you get to inspire girls in your community and help them learn skills they will use now and as they grow. Camp GOTR Coaches will develop meaningful connections with a team of participants and co-coaches, help girls develop new skills, and create a positive, inclusive environment where all girls feel free to be themselves.


~News From the Lunchroom~


The Petersburg School Board has approved our school as a “Universal Breakfast” school. This means we will be serving most students breakfast in their classrooms. Kindergarten students will be served breakfast in the cafeteria for routine and structure. Students in 2nd and 3rd grade will be served breakfast in the cafeteria due to morning interventions in those grade levels. Some breakfast options they may see are cinnamon roll, cereal, bagel bites, string cheese, sausage, english muffin, yogurt with granola, and Pop Tarts.


All students will be eating lunch in the cafeteria Mon-Thur. On Fridays, K-2nd eat in the cafeteria, 3rd will eat in their classroom, 4th and 5th will be provided a lunch at noon to either eat in the cafeteria or take with them on the bus, to swim team, etc. 


Recess/Lunch Schedule

Kindergarten      11:15-11:35    Recess              11:35-11:55   Lunch

1st Grade              10:50-11:10  Recess             11:10-11:30   Lunch

2nd  Grade       11:05-11:25   Recess        11:25-11:45   Lunch

3rd Grade 11:40-12:00 Recess 12:00-12:20 Lunch

4th Grade 11:30-11:50   Recess 11:50-12:10 Lunch

5th Grade 12:20-12:40 Recess 12:40-1:00   Lunch


Want to come have lunch with your child? Please email & or call and leave us a message for whichever day you’d like to come and join. 

Lunch Menu:

Monday 5/23 Baked Potato Bar

Tuesday 5/24 Cheeseburger

Wednesday 5/25 Fish Taco

Thursday 5/26 Chicken and Brown Rice

Friday 5/27 Hot Dog

~News From the Counselor~

Newsletter from our Counselor. Mrs. Etcher works with all grades on social emotional skills, and she would like to share a monthly newsletter with families. The idea is to keep everyone updated on lessons she is teaching each month. Website:

~Safety Information~

Important safety information: When dropping students off at the playground end, please note that there is a designated drop-off area marked by the side of the playground fence and green cones. Vehicles enter the area following the arrows and drop off students between the cones and the fence. Students go directly to the playground area, and vehicles immediately drive through and exit, alleviating congestion and keeping the area safe. If you wish to escort your child or wait and watch your child enter the school, you will need to find a parking spot. Thank you for helping us keep all students safe.

~Happy Birthday to Who?~

We would like to wish the following students a Happy Birthday!  Birthdays are recognized during morning announcements, and each student also receives a special certificate and a Scholastic Book from the birthday shelf.


5/2 Ms. Curtiss

5/5 Ms. Carol

5/6 Una R. 

5/7 Traezja T. 

5/13 Daphne B. 

5/14 Bradley J. 

5/14 Gillian O.

5/14 Soren E.  

5/15 Lincoln M. 

5/17 Adriana P. 

5/21 Evy L. 

5/28 Dylan A. 

5/28 Tori M. 

5/29 Trygve N. 

5/30 Abigail M.

5/30 Nolan G.  

5/30 Sydney P.  


6/2 Jayden M. 

6/2 Libby T. 

6/3 Ridge M. 

6/4 Ms. Annica

6/6 Leland E. 

6/6 Johnnie H.

6/7 Natalie G. 

6/8 Noelle C. 

6/8 Wilder B. 

6/9 Ayra H.

6/10 Oskar O. 

6/11 Ms. Britney

6/12 Summer W. 

6/13 William C.

6/14 Duncan D. 

6/14 Lalelei M. 

6/14 Greyson M. 

6/15 Fitz S. 

6/17 Mrs. Mullen

6/17 Shirlene

6/17 Elizabeth G.  

6/21 Ryle M. 

6/25 Mrs. Pawuk 

6/27 Anya C. 

6/28 Maisy Z. 

6/28 Kennedee C. 

6/29 Kyra C. 

6/29 Andi M. 

6/29 Hayden M.


7/1 Elizabeth S. 

7/4 Zayden J.

7/6 Sabrein C. 

7/7 Kai L.  

7/9 Ellia S.  

7/10 Mrs. Martin

7/10 Grady W. 

7/11 Ms. Thynes

7/11 Lucy P. 

7/12 Ms. Katie

7/14 Emma W. 

7/15 Duncan G. 

7/15 Daven L. 

7/16 Jax C. 

7/16 Luci M. 

7/16 Carsen H. 

7/17 Aubrianna W. 

7/17 Ivy W. 

7/18 Molly W.  

7/19 Mrs. Miller

7/21 Hakon E.

7/22 Brea R. 

7/22 Cora P. 

7/22 Mr. Eddy

7/24 Andy S.  

7/24 Etolyn T.  

7/25 Edahi S. 

7/27 Ami R. 

7/29 Henry G. 

7/29 Trygve M. 

7/30 Torin L. 

7/31 Mr. Brock


8/2 Midori H. 

8/6 Jeremiah E. 

8/6 Synneva L. 

8/12 Daisy M. 

8/12 Hayden W.

8/16 Odin O.

8/17 Maya T. 

8/18 Cooper K. 

8/20 Allison M. 

8/22 Mr. K

8/23 Chanrisa S.

8/23 Ms. Julie

8/23 Ms. Kat

8/24 Gabe P. 

8/25 Taylor H.

8/30 Wesley D.  

8/30 Mia W. 

8/30 Simone N. 

See You Soon,

Mrs. Conn


~PSD Mitigation Plan~